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How Hard is it to Learn Cello as an Adult?


The Violoncello is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful instruments you can play. From Bach and Brahms to Bartok and Bridge, composers have utilised its rich tone and versatility to create some of the most touching and memorable music ever created. The immense sonic beauty of the cello draws new people around the world to learn it every year, from a wide variety of musical (and non-musical) backgrounds. Nearly every new player, however, runs into the same reality: that the Cello is one of the hardest instruments to learn, and requires commitment and dedication to master. There are numerous [...]

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Easing into Cello Playing: How to Avoid and Deal with Cello Injuries


The eloquent sound of the cello has enchanted many a listener, drawing them into its captivating melodies. But for those behind this beautiful music, there's more to the cello than meets the ear. It’s essential to understand the importance of playing safely to enjoy the art of cello playing without any repercussions. Understanding the Anatomy of a Cello Player When playing the cello, one doesn't merely involve their hands. From the back muscles that keep us upright to the fingers dancing on the strings, every part plays a role. Recognizing this anatomy is not about a biology lesson; it's a step [...]

Easing into Cello Playing: How to Avoid and Deal with Cello Injuries2023-09-19T14:47:43+01:00

Journey of a Cello Player: From Novice to Concert Prowess


The cello, with its resonant voice and distinctive sound, is an epitome of classical beauty. Imagine sitting for the first time, instrument at your side, fingers poised - it's the start of an unforgettable journey. We’ve seen many embark on this path with the sheer thrill of a novice's enthusiasm. For centuries, the cello has been a cornerstone of orchestral music, a testament to its enduring allure. Its deep tones convey emotions that words often cannot, drawing listeners into a captivating sonic world. The Starting Point: A Novice’s Enthusiasm Every accomplished cellist started with choosing their first cello. This is a [...]

Journey of a Cello Player: From Novice to Concert Prowess2023-09-18T11:41:53+01:00

Can I Teach Myself The Cello?


Anyone has the ability to learn the cello but the journey will be far smoother and more fun with the right tuition. The cello is not an easy instrument to learn and technique is very important in order to be able to play with ease and create the sound you desire. Having a weekly lesson with the same teacher will ensure you are on the right track and they will be able to evaluate your progress week in week out which is fundamental to getting to a good standard. Online Videos Many students arrive at their first lesson at the LCI [...]

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Refining Your Practice Technique


When you first start learning the cello, the idea of practice can seem rather bewildering; where do I start? Do I keep playing everything over and over again? How long do I need to practice for? These are often questions I get asked by students in their first few lessons which is understandable given this is a completely new skill. However, even more advanced students sometimes need help in making their practice the best it can be. This article is aimed at all of you that need either basic practice, more detailed advice to take your playing to the next level [...]

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Ear Training – What Is It And How Important Is It When Learning The Cello?


If you are completely new to music, you might be wondering what ear training is. When we learn a musical instrument, we also have to train our ears to listen to what we are playing in far greater detail. The most common reason people start cello lessons is because of the sound of the cello and how that affects us as humans. Therefore listening to the sound you are making and being able to tell if a note is in tune or not is very important. Ear training will teach you how to listen and what to listen out for, and [...]

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A Beginners Guide to Cello Maintenance


If you’ve just begun learning the cello you might not realise that cellos require a certain amount of maintenance. Some of the more regular maintenance you can easily manage yourself, but some of the more serious and less frequent maintenance will need to be done by a luthier. Rosin Build-up Most people are very surprised to know that you need to wipe the rosin off your strings before and after playing. Naturally, the strings get a layer of rosin build-up that needs to be removed as it affects the sound (which becomes ‘fuzzy’). You won’t need to worry about this so [...]

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Buying your cello and all the other accessories


So you’ve got your cello and you’ve booked your first cello lesson… but do you need anything else? It’s not always obvious what you may need before starting your cello lessons so. This article aims to break down everything you need to know before starting your lessons and go through all the other things you may need besides a cello. Cello Most people have absolutely no idea where to look to get their cello, and understandably so. For a student cello it’s best to go to a trusted string shop where you can purchase a well made new cello. I would [...]

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An insight into studying at the London Cello Institute


This month we’re going to look at how current, enrolled students find studying at the London Cello Institute. We’re going to delve into exactly why the London Cello Institute is so successful with its students and what it’s like to study there. The aim of this article is to resolve any queries you may have and to get a clear insight into studying at the London Cello Institute. Clearing Up Those Apprehensions… As adults we often have apprehensions about starting anything new and investing time and money into it. Often we don’t allow ourselves the luxury of starting a new hobby [...]

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What do I do in between cello lessons?


So you have made the exciting decision to start cello lessons! that’s a great step but you may wonder what you should do in between your lessons. Most people choose to have lessons once a week so that leaves you with a whole week to practice everything your teacher has set you; this can seem rather daunting at first but don’t worry, we will break it down. When you first begin your cello journey, you want to aim for at least five or six, twenty minute practice sessions a week because it’s all about little and often practice at first to [...]

What do I do in between cello lessons?2021-05-12T09:46:57+01:00


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