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Reuben is a multi-instrumentalist, who began his musical journey with a strong foundation in classical cello and piano. Ten years ago, he relocated to London to immerse himself in the world of music and performance. Reuben has a love for teaching, writing and helping adults find their own musical voice.

Is It Possible To Learn The Cello Online?


Learning a musical instrument is a journey that requires dedication, practice, and reliable guidance. Traditionally, this guidance has been sought through in-person lessons with a skilled instructor. However, with the advancement of technology and the widespread availability of online resources, the question arises: Is it possible to learn the cello online? Here, I will delve into the feasibility of online cello learning, exploring its advantages, challenges, and the potential for effective skill acquisition in this digital age. Advantages of Online Cello Learning One of the most significant advantages of learning the cello online is accessibility. For people who work every day, [...]

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How Hard is it to Learn Cello as an Adult?


The Violoncello is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful instruments you can play. From Bach and Brahms to Bartok and Bridge, composers have utilised its rich tone and versatility to create some of the most touching and memorable music ever created. The immense sonic beauty of the cello draws new people around the world to learn it every year, from a wide variety of musical (and non-musical) backgrounds. Nearly every new player, however, runs into the same reality: that the Cello is one of the hardest instruments to learn, and requires commitment and dedication to master. There are numerous [...]

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