Cello Programs and Fees – Weekly Cello Lessons in London

Thanks to our remarkable knowledge of the cello, extensive understanding of adult learners and exceptional devotion to our pupils, you can be assured to benefit from the highest cello education.

We welcome all adults, from absolute beginners without any prior musical knowledge to advanced amateur cellists, and you can be assured to benefit from an excellent service while making fast progress on a weekly basis.

In addition to the above, you will be invited to attend and perform (non-compulsory) at our exciting student concerts and events.

The London Cello Institute is simply the most distinguished cello learning centre for adults in the UK.

Your Cello Course

  • You will benefit from an outstanding cello instruction on a weekly basis.
  • Your cello lessons will either take place at our premises in the City of London.
  • Your cello lessons will always be tailored to your needs and abilities.
  • You will learn the secrets of interpretation, technique and sound production as used by the masters of cello playing.
  • You will enjoy fast and steady improvement on a regular basis.
  • You will be part of a select group of amateur cellists who share their love for the instrument in a non-judgmental and friendly environment.
  • You are welcome to choose between 30, 45 or 60-minute sessions on a weekly basis.
  • Your lessons will take place on a set day and time.

Our Fees:

The monthly fees start from only £195 per month and vary depending upon the length of your lessons. Lessons may be paid monthly via standing order or per 3 months in advance. We require a minimum study of 3 months, and a month notice in case you wish to stop your course.

Do I need to own a cello before starting my cello course?

No, we would recommend booking your cello course first to get started and your instructor will then give you some advice on the most suitable instrument to acquire.

Where do my cello lessons take place?

Your cello lessons will take place at our lovely premises near Chancery Lane in the City of London.

Do I need to practise?

Yes. It is necessary for you to practise on a daily basis if you wish to make any progress. As a beginner, 15 minutes to 30 minutes is the minimum amount of time you should dedicate to personal practice on a daily basis, as attending your bi-monthly lessons would not be enough for you to develop your cello skills.

Would you help me to complete my grade exams?

Yes, we would be delighted to help you complete your grade exams, from grade 1 to grade 8 and beyond.

Do I need any talent to sign up?

We believe great cellists are made not born and you definitely have more talent than you currently think. Negative myths and cliches are responsible for many adults not taking up music. We guarantee you that you will be able to play the cello, as long as you follow the instructions properly and practise at least 15-20 minutes every day.

I have awful memories of my cello lessons when I was young. Will my instructor be harsh with me?

No, your instructor will only guide you in a very friendly and easy to follow manner. You will never be patronised. You will only be encouraged and motivated to help you reach the next level. If you are nervous about your cello lessons, you have nothing to fear as we are here to help you develop your cello playing.

Do I need to read music before starting my cello lessons?

No, you do not need any prior music experience before starting your cello lessons with us. Learning how to read music is actually very easy. Within a few months, the basics should be firmly embedded. The most important is to take the first step. By taking action and starting your cello lessons, you will get to your goals so much faster.