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Stefan Joubert is the manager of The London Cello Institute. He truly believes that no one is too old or not talented enough to learn the cello. He is your first port of call for anything cello lessons related. You can contact him at

Easing into Cello Playing: How to Avoid and Deal with Cello Injuries


The eloquent sound of the cello has enchanted many a listener, drawing them into its captivating melodies. But for those behind this beautiful music, there's more to the cello than meets the ear. It’s essential to understand the importance of playing safely to enjoy the art of cello playing without any repercussions. Understanding the Anatomy of a Cello Player When playing the cello, one doesn't merely involve their hands. From the back muscles that keep us upright to the fingers dancing on the strings, every part plays a role. Recognizing this anatomy is not about a biology lesson; it's a step [...]

Easing into Cello Playing: How to Avoid and Deal with Cello Injuries2023-09-19T14:47:43+01:00

Journey of a Cello Player: From Novice to Concert Prowess


The cello, with its resonant voice and distinctive sound, is an epitome of classical beauty. Imagine sitting for the first time, instrument at your side, fingers poised - it's the start of an unforgettable journey. We’ve seen many embark on this path with the sheer thrill of a novice's enthusiasm. For centuries, the cello has been a cornerstone of orchestral music, a testament to its enduring allure. Its deep tones convey emotions that words often cannot, drawing listeners into a captivating sonic world. The Starting Point: A Novice’s Enthusiasm Every accomplished cellist started with choosing their first cello. This is a [...]

Journey of a Cello Player: From Novice to Concert Prowess2023-09-18T11:41:53+01:00

Mastering the Art of Cello: Tips and Techniques for Adult Learners


Do you find the resonant, warm tones of the cello bewitching and yearn to create such harmonious music yourself? You're not alone. The cello, a staple in orchestras and string quartets, is a unique instrument that demands precision, but rewards with a sound that can range from melancholy to jubilant, often evoking deep emotional responses. This blog post will be your guide to mastering the cello as an adult learner, detailing everything from cello anatomy to overcoming the common challenges you might face in your learning journey. Music has long been heralded as a timeless form of expression, and learning a [...]

Mastering the Art of Cello: Tips and Techniques for Adult Learners2023-09-05T10:23:46+01:00

Cello lessons in the City of London and Mayfair


Did you know: you can learn to play the cello and you do NOT need any prior experience. Book your space at The London Cello Institute. Choose between the City and Mayfair. Make fast and efficient progress Have you always wanted to learn how to play the cello? Did you know that you can absolutely learn how to play this instrument regardless of your current age or ability? The instrument was first called the bass violin then violoncello which means “big little violin” in Italian. Eventually, the name was shortened to cello. You do not need any prior experience You may [...]

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