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Did you know: you can learn to play the cello and you do NOT need any prior experience. Book your space at The London Cello Institute. Choose between the City and Mayfair. Make fast and efficient progress

Man learning the cello in central London
Man learning the cello in central London

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the cello?

Did you know that you can absolutely learn how to play this instrument regardless of your current age or ability?

The instrument was first called the bass violin then violoncello which means “big little violin” in Italian.

Eventually the name was shortened to cello.

You do not need any prior experience

You may think that you need to have a special talent or skill to learn how to play the cello.

Nothing can be further from the truth!

The fact is you do NOT need any prior musical knowledge or experience.

Every single day, more and more adults with no prior musical knowledge are discovering the joy of learning how to play the cello!

The truth is that the hardest part is to just get started.

Once you start, you will be hooked!

High-quality cello lessons in London are obviously recommended and that is exactly what we offer at The London Cello Institute.

You can start your cello course at anytime during the calendar year

It is wonderful news!

You do not need to wait…

With us you can start your cello course in London immediately.

The registration process is also very straightforward and unbureaucratic!

Simple send an email to our manager, Stefan at and he will provide you with suitable course options.

You will also learn with one of the world’s best cello instructors – Anne Gaurier.

It is a RARE opportunity for you to learn and master this exquisite and royal instrument!

Anne is well known across the world for her expertise in the viola da gamba and the cello.

You simply cannot ask for a better instructor.

In addition to her expertise, she loves teaching and she is brilliant at conveying complex information and making it easy to understand.

Remember you do not need any prior experience and you can start today!

Study under master cellist Anne Gaurier

By learning to play the cello with Anne Gaurier you will benefit from her world-class expertise and experience.

Anne Gaurier has performed the cello and viola da gamba across the world in various world-class orchestras.

She also has extensive experience in teaching both adults and children and she knows how to motivate and inspire her students.

She is now dedicating her time to helping adults learn the cello in a friendly and prestigious environment in central London.

She loves teaching and welcomes total beginners to advanced students at The London Cello Institute.

Choose between studying with Anne Gaurier in Mayfair or in the City of London

You can now study the cello with Anne in Mayfair or the City of London in an environment dedicated to adults to learn.

Make fast progress and make your musical dreams come true with Anne’s dedicated and caring teaching style.

Choose a location that suits you best.

Space is limited.

Anne accepts beginners to advanced.

Contact us today to secure your space in her cello class.