Cello Beginners

Getting Started with the Cello


The cello is a remarkable instrument that creates beautiful melodies. Before getting started with the cello, there are a few essential considerations to keep in mind. This guide is designed to help you prepare for your exploration into the world of cello playing, providing useful advice and insights along the way. Let's begin! Choosing the Right Cello Selecting the perfect cello is a big step in your music journey. It can really affect how much you enjoy playing and how well you improve as a cellist. Here's a helpful guide to help you pick the right one: Seek Expert Guidance: Start [...]

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How Hard is it to Learn Cello as an Adult?


The Violoncello is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful instruments you can play. From Bach and Brahms to Bartok and Bridge, composers have utilised its rich tone and versatility to create some of the most touching and memorable music ever created. The immense sonic beauty of the cello draws new people around the world to learn it every year, from a wide variety of musical (and non-musical) backgrounds. Nearly every new player, however, runs into the same reality: that the Cello is one of the hardest instruments to learn, and requires commitment and dedication to master. There are numerous [...]

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A Beginners Guide to Cello Maintenance


If you’ve just begun learning the cello you might not realise that cellos require a certain amount of maintenance. Some of the more regular maintenance you can easily manage yourself, but some of the more serious and less frequent maintenance will need to be done by a luthier. Rosin Build-up Most people are very surprised to know that you need to wipe the rosin off your strings before and after playing. Naturally, the strings get a layer of rosin build-up that needs to be removed as it affects the sound (which becomes ‘fuzzy’). You won’t need to worry about this so [...]

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