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Mastering the Art of Cello: Tips and Techniques for Adult Learners


Do you find the resonant, warm tones of the cello bewitching and yearn to create such harmonious music yourself? You're not alone. The cello, a staple in orchestras and string quartets, is a unique instrument that demands precision, but rewards with a sound that can range from melancholy to jubilant, often evoking deep emotional responses. This blog post will be your guide to mastering the cello as an adult learner, detailing everything from cello anatomy to overcoming the common challenges you might face in your learning journey. Music has long been heralded as a timeless form of expression, and learning a [...]

Mastering the Art of Cello: Tips and Techniques for Adult Learners2023-09-05T10:23:46+01:00

Overcoming Performance Anxiety


Performance anxiety can manifest itself in many different ways through physical and psychological symptoms which can potentially negatively affect a performance. Performance anxiety can be crippling to a musician if it isn’t addressed properly and can deter people from playing their instrument. No matter what your level of experience, one can still have issues with performance anxiety, therefore this article aims at helping you identify more mainstream levels of anxiety pre performance and the more excessive symptoms you might experience. Performance anxiety can be eased by implementing pre performance activities and lifestyle changes that will help you perform at your best, [...]

Overcoming Performance Anxiety2022-06-30T15:12:32+01:00


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