Of course, you can learn how to play the cello as an adult! Why would not you be able to?

If you wish to make your dream become true, it is essential to get rid of your unfounded fears and join The London Cello Institute without any delay.

The cello is such a beautiful and exquisite instrument that it would be a shame not to embark into a wonderful journey that will certainly bring joy and satisfaction into your life.

At The London Cello Institute, we are proud of the incredible progress that our pupils make on a regular basis.

Most of them are adult beginners without any prior musical background who had the courage to start and they are all extremely impressed by what they are able to achieve.

You do not have anything to worry about it, as your instructor will kindly guide you through the various stages of learning how to play the cello, starting with the discovery of the four strings, the holding of the bow, the position of your left hand on the fingerboard and learning how to read music.

You will then be able to perform simple tunes, before approaching a more complex repertoire such as Bach’s suites or Schumann’s splendid concerto.
Remember that despite your unjustified fears, there is no reason why you cannot succeed and enjoy the immense pleasure of playing the cello.