Can I Teach Myself The Cello?


Anyone has the ability to learn the cello but the journey will be far smoother and more fun with the right tuition. The cello is not an easy instrument to learn and technique is very important in order to be able to play with ease and create the sound you desire. Having a weekly lesson with the same teacher will ensure you are on the right track and they will be able to evaluate your progress week in week out which is fundamental to getting to a good standard. Online Videos Many students arrive at their first lesson at the LCI [...]

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Overcoming Performance Anxiety


Performance anxiety can manifest itself in many different ways through physical and psychological symptoms which can potentially negatively affect a performance. Performance anxiety can be crippling to a musician if it isn’t addressed properly and can deter people from playing their instrument. No matter what your level of experience, one can still have issues with performance anxiety, therefore this article aims at helping you identify more mainstream levels of anxiety pre performance and the more excessive symptoms you might experience. Performance anxiety can be eased by implementing pre performance activities and lifestyle changes that will help you perform at your best, [...]

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Refining Your Practice Technique


When you first start learning the cello, the idea of practice can seem rather bewildering; where do I start? Do I keep playing everything over and over again? How long do I need to practice for? These are often questions I get asked by students in their first few lessons which is understandable given this is a completely new skill. However, even more advanced students sometimes need help in making their practice the best it can be. This article is aimed at all of you that need either basic practice, more detailed advice to take your playing to the next level [...]

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Ear Training – What Is It And How Important Is It When Learning The Cello?


If you are completely new to music, you might be wondering what ear training is. When we learn a musical instrument, we also have to train our ears to listen to what we are playing in far greater detail. The most common reason people start cello lessons is because of the sound of the cello and how that affects us as humans. Therefore listening to the sound you are making and being able to tell if a note is in tune or not is very important. Ear training will teach you how to listen and what to listen out for, and [...]

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What do I do in between cello lessons?


So you have made the exciting decision to start cello lessons! that’s a great step but you may wonder what you should do in between your lessons. Most people choose to have lessons once a week so that leaves you with a whole week to practice everything your teacher has set you; this can seem rather daunting at first but don’t worry, we will break it down. When you first begin your cello journey, you want to aim for at least five or six, twenty minute practice sessions a week because it’s all about little and often practice at first to [...]

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Do you need any musical experience to start learning the cello?


Many adults often express their anxieties about starting to learn the cello because they don’t have any musical experience, however learning to play the cello is a journey that you take with your teacher and they will guide you through all the processes so there is nothing to worry about. The fear of the unknown of the world of music can often seem daunting if you have no musical experience but do not be put off making that first step of starting lessons because you will never regret doing it because the ability to play a musical instrument is incredibly rewarding [...]

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